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PACK: 10 vials ( 12 iu / vial )

--There are lots of different Human Growth Hormone versions on the market.These are genotropin,somatropin,hygetropin,norditropin,saizen and more.We heard lots of speculation about steroids.Lots of athletes beleive that using steroids is a great thing to get good results.Add more muscle,increasing performance and more.Some people only thing from medical perspective they beleive that it is usefull for midgets or good to use for other medical problems.If you subject is steroids or human growth hormone you will face lots of rumors.One of the popular rumor is one of the first user of hgh is Arnold and his face bones are increase a lot because of human growth usage than he made a surgery to straighten them.

--Another important question about human growth hormone is which version user must use.Sentetic version ?Humanistic version ?Or other versions.There are lots of medical works to answer these questions but there is not clear answer about it yet.To understand human growth hormone better we must get some informations about it.First of all human growth hormone is a polipetit hormone consist of 191 amino acids.This hormone produced from hypophysis hormone.But this is a not a regular production.Your body produce it different period of the time.What are these special times?Training,sleeping,stress,low blood sugar and some of more different times.At this point we must know another important thing.Human growth hormone is not effect your body directly.It makes this with changing producing of some material on your liver.Most of the people that sleeping is a best time for producing more human growth hormone.

--If we will discuss somatropin hormone we will get more informaitons about human growth hormone.Still some people beleive that somatropins are not fit for athletes.At this point we must know users use it with correct dosages and enough period of time.Some users could not get enough dosage because it is expensive and they beleive that it is enough to get good results from hgh and they could not get good results from somatropin.To be honest bottomline is using somatropin alone is not a good thing and it is not efficient.You must combine it with anabolic steroids ,tyroid hormones or insülin.If you will make right combination of these three products you will get highest level of success from human growth hormone.This anabolic effect will be perfect if you will combine it with anti catabolic products.And these are steroids and clenbuterol.If you understand this paragraph correct you understand how professional bodybuilders have a body that seems symmetrical and defination.Most of the users use somatropin on their contest preparation time because they get less calori daily and that means your body excrete low level of insülin and tyroid hormone.That makes your somatropin usage more efficient.After some lab test done on different groups results are clear.Cells innovation is increasing on body.Another great lab test result made in 1990 New England.Results prove that growth hormone helps increasing muscle mass,aging and fat loss.Another great benefit of growth hormone is helping imune system.Main benefit on bodybuilding is increasing amount of muscle cells.That make growth hormone practical for bodybuilding.Increasing muscle mass helps recovery on muscles.If you train hard enough recovery time is very important at this point growth hormone helps you because taking growth hormone means shorter recovery time.Also it helps density,flexibility and strength on your bones.

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