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About Turinabol-TBOL

Posted by in Anabolic Steroids on Nov 17, 2012 . 0 Comments.

Turinabol is a corticosteroid that discovered in the early 1960's.Turinabol have lower effects to durinabol on the basis of miligram.For this reasoun you should not use turinabol for the speed power gain,weight gain and growth as a mass.Resources shows us to usage of more than a few weeks altough you won't have a rapid force but you'll get quality gain.

The effects of turinabol on the testosterone and max. recovery time in the blood,depens on to taken dosages.Dosages for daily like 10mg,20mg and 40 mg, have diffusion times like 1.5 hours,3.5 hours, 4.5 hours.Accordingly we can say the effects that expected of turinabol is depends on the dosages.An athlete from approximately 200 pounds ,use 4 tablets per a day.(If we calculate from 5 mg to it is 20 mg).Research shows us the strength training athletes on the wiev that 8-10 tablets up per a day.Here is the usefullness of turinabol on that dosages.Power, strength and muscle gains that may become effective on that dosages,estrogen-related side effects are very infrequent.Holding water under the skin can be an another problem of turinabol,you can decrease the negative effects of holding water by balancing the use of anti-estrogen.That's why this is a popular drug between powerlifters.Usage of Turinabol can affects better both female and male athletes.For example of a cycle use between male athletes;50 mg oral turinabol,228 mg parabalon weekly,150 mg winstrol depot per a week.This cycle can combine with diet or some kind of fat burners (like clenbuterol,efedrin,salbutamol,cytomel,triacana)As a result of ; low oil level,line and hard look also it provides minimal muscle loss. I can say that based on the results of this cycle and the created consequences if this drug were a legal one ,American athletes powerlifters and the bodybuilders can go mad for this discovery of East German drug .Even 10-15 tablets per a day,if you cut the usage 5 days before the dopping tests,observed that the test resulted in negative.


The side effects of turinabol depends on the what dosages is used.Usages up to 20 mg per a day for females can occur the effetcs of virilization.For males,the decline of testosterone level and side effects such as water retention can occur. Side effects such as aggressiveness and acne may occur depending on the level of the testostoron.10 mg usage per a day there are any observed side effects.

Last update: Nov 18, 2012


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