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Posted by in Anabolic Steroids on Nov 12, 2012 . 0 Comments.

Danabol, is a worldwide famous product that produced in Thailand by Danabol British Dispensary. Effective matter name is Methabdionone. It is a highly demanded medicine by bodybuilders, powerlifters and any other heavy lifters. It supplier power and muscle mass. It's shaped as heart. There are so many fakes of it. Especially in Bulgaria it is produced fakes terribly.Normally is taken 20-30 mg daily and during 6 weeks. It makes a super combination with Deca, Trenbolone and any other kinds of Testosterone. It can supply good reasons even if used single. So many bodybuilders, arm westlers, and the other sportmen who train about heavy sports prefer it single. Danabol British Dispensary company produces it in high technological zones. But as it mentioned about before, it's produced fake ones in Bulgaria and Romania so much. This event is started to be a nightmare for so many bodybuilders. But there are so many ways to understand that is it fake or real. So many ways separate the real and fake :

- Danabol tablet originally light blue. But the fakes are dark blue.

- Fake Danabol is broken easily.

- The work effort and low material quality show them easily. You can realize the label is too humble.
You can realize the difference in the following picture :
Danabol (Dianabol) is a steroid that used by so many movie stars. Many famous men like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel use anabolic steroid cycles which are combinated with Danabol (Dianabol). Because this medicine supplies them the muscles in short times which they want to gain. 

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