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Posted by in Anabolic Steroids on Aug 08, 2017 . 0 Comments.

Steroids made of lipids of 4 circle carbonhydrates.Why it is so popular for bodybuilders.Because steroids effect hormones and this is important for athletes.Most of important steroids are hormonal,cholesterol and metabolite.Anabolic steroids give you endurance,strength and increasing muscle mass.Also anabolic steroids have benefits like burning fats.Steroids have these kind of benefits but they are not innocent.If you take steroids you must use perfect dosages for you this is very important but that does not mean you wont face any side effect with using right dosage.Lets keep talking about benefits of anabolic steroids than we will talk side effects of them.Main benefit of anabolic steroid is increasing muscle mass this is why fitness athletes take these products.If we are looking for studies results are same.Anabolic steroids help to increase muscle mass and strength.Another result from this kind of studies are increasing muscle mass.Users get bigger biceps and overall body size.But this study i check from (Hartgens and Kuipers,2004) not get any kind of fat loss benefit from this anabolic steroid tests.I think this is about which steroids athletes take on this study.Another common benefit of anabolic steroid is giving better recovery time.For example some users take Anavar and after using it get good results like;losing fat,increasing muscle and better body weight.All this academic studies show anabolic steroids have side effects.Like acne,libido changes,sexual health problems,aggresion and more.Please search informations and learn which is better for you than use anabolic steroids.Health is the most important thing.

Last update: Aug 08, 2017


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