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High anabolic effective testosterone enanthate

Posted by in Anabolic Steroids on Nov 10, 2012 . 0 Comments.

Substance: Testosterone Enanthate 
Active Life: 15-16 days
Detection Time: 3 months
Common Doses: 250mg + (500mg-1g common) per week
Blood Pressure: High risk
Acne: High risk if prone
Water Retention: If prone can be high
Aromatisation: Yes, high rate
DHT Conversion: Yes, high rate
Decrease HPTA function: Yes, severe
                  Testosterone Enanthate is an injectable product that is put on the market in sachets. These versions of sale are more safe and more easy. Because they are undetectable by the border customs because of its special packet. It is sold under the name of  “Therapy Oil”. It is a good and useful method. 
                   Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate look like each other and both of them give an answer to demands of the users for increasing muscle mass. Sometimes testosterone does not its duty in the male body, in this point you can use Testosterone Enanthate for the treatment of low testosterone. This product is also a solution for breast cancer in women.
                   Circa 2-3 weeks you can feel its activity on your body, because its anabolic term effect is very long. But this drug is favourite of bodybuilders, weight lifters and athletes. The cause of this is that Testosterone Enanthate provides power and muscle shortly.
                   While using this product you will see some side effects but it is easy to control these negative effects with other steroid. For example this steroid causes to estrogen fastly. In this direction in the body some changes occur like extreme fat and gynecomastia. But you can eliminate these problems with an anti-estrogen product, so your estrogen level is reduced. For this problem Proviron, Clomid, Nolvadex, Arimidex can help you. This drug is used also alone and its combo with Anapolon, Dianabol, Parabolan and Deca-Durabolin can creat perfect results. Professional users are satisfied from this condition. 
                   For restoring natural testosterone production, you can add HCG to your Testostorone Enanthate cycle like post cycle therapy.
                  Basing on our experiences, we recommend you a good cycle for 12 weeks  with Testosterone Enanthate; Boldenone, Deca and Testo Enanthate. Use Testo Enanthate and Boldenone (Equipoise) for 12 weeks and take Deca for 10 weeks. You should inject at least 250mg Testosterone Enanthate every week, minimum 300mg Boldenone every week and 200mg Deca every week. The results obtained will be extraordinary. 
                   SIDE EFFECTS
                   Hair loss, headache, severe allergic reactions, water retention, gyno, acne, bitter or strange taste in mouth, change in sex drive, fatigue, gum or mouth irritation, breast growth or pain, change in the size or shape of the testicles, changes in menstrual periods, coughing fit, dark urine or light-colored bowel movements, depression, loss of appetite, nausea, painful or prolonged erection, shortness of breath, stomach pain, swelling of the ankles or legs, urination problems, voice changes or hoarseness, weight gain, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dizziness, facial hair growth, interrupted breathing while sleeping. 
Last update: Nov 10, 2012


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