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How to buy steroids online

Posted by in Buy steroids on Nov 22, 2012 . 0 Comments.

Hello guys ;

We know the biggest problem for buying steroids from online shops , webshops is Trust problem.We understand you very very clearly. We examined several  webshops .. %90 of web shops accept only Moneygram and Western Union..%10 of them accepts Paypal , Bank transfer and directly credit cards like ( Visa , Mastercards , Amex ,  Maestro) .. The safetiest way for customers is Paypal. But A webshop owner can not use it regularly.. Because Paypal asks about invoice and they ask proof of the goods . None of the steroid shop can supply this invoice and documents. So Paypal lockes their account in the shortest time. And please be carefull while you were making your orders with Credit Cards because most of the merchants does not accept charge back . You know normally you have charce back option in 180 days after you make purchase.But Attention !! their Merchant company does not allow for chargebacks. So it has no diffence from Western Union and Money gram.Western Union and Moneygram are more safety than Credit Cards.. Because you have luck of telling to bank that is a suspecios transfer.. Than Bank gets the receiver name to black list. So he/she can have problems in his/her country. So we advice you that do not buy steroids online with credit cards.
Second disadvantage of using credit card while making your command is the Merchant company and webshop owner will learn your card data. So this can be used at online shoppings you can have more problems.Our advise for our customers if you want to make order with credit card ‘’Please use’’ it s the safetiest way  to make online transfer by credit cards. They accept visa, maestro, mastercard , amex and others..
Yo can see’ s reviews in , in , and  you can google it. We have %97 customers satisfaction.
We will always try to serve you the best service.Our support team replies all your questions in 24 hours.(Not weekends). We send you tracking code and confirmation mail very quickly.
We promise to  go on to serve you the best service forever
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Last update: Nov 22, 2012


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