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Why Oxandrolone (Anavar)?

Posted by in Anabolic Steroids on Nov 19, 2012 . 0 Comments.

Who see bodybuilding the most beautiful occupation and anybody who want to rebuild their bodies such as in their dreams want a body which is unlubricated and a body that appears define.At this point oxandrolone is a great friend that it can be helpfull for you.

Why Oxandrolone (Anavar)?

If we compare with anothers oxandrolone has lower harmfull side effects and almost it will be no loss in the use of a regular dose.Oxandrolone does not convert to estrogen,so there will not collection of water in muscles.So muscles will be look so much define.And that's why you do not need phills such as water shooter.The another advantage of oxandrolone is ,drug does not cause to stop the body's own hormone production.Oxandrolone also cut off the appetite so it is directly leads to the loss of body fat.Oxandrolone accelarate the synthesis of Kreatin-Phospatein our bodies so it will result in a rapid and effective increase of force.The muscle mass you will get by the help of oxandrolone ,will not disseapper at the end of the cycle like the other steroids which one holds much water and which lost water at the end of you're motivation will not spoiled.


This drug are indexed to the force increasement.For force weighted sports ,usage confined to 6 weeks at least.First week 20 mg and the other 4 weeks are break and again 6 weeks 25mg and again 4 weeks breaks ,after 30 mg for 6 weeks like this regulation brings you a regular usage.But 30 mg dosages you should not pass over.The idea of many athletes think like that ; which steroid has low androgenic is harmless ,therefore we can increase the dosage' is wrong.whereas this drugs have significant effects and some of them are dangerous.Some of bodybuilders start to usage of steroid with oxandrolone.Cause the idea of which you use firstly,will affect more .However this items not always brings huge effects.To see a mature effect you need to remove the intake of protein 3 gr per pound.Also it is able to gain a significant volume by loaded with carbohydrates.Who really wants to use Oxandrolone the suitable dosage is 25 mg.And usage time must be 6-8 weeks.It's recommended that 8 weeks not passed over.Because alcohol is mainly used in this article and leaves toxic effects on the liver.This drug should not be taken in order to build large volume. And tabletes should divided into 2-3 meals a day and after meals tablets should be swallowed with plenty of water.Who have stomach problems should swallow this drug in the middle of dining with plenty of water.


Last update: Nov 19, 2012


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