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Gen-Shi Halotestin

Gen-Shi Halotestin
Brand: Gen-Shi Labs.
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Manufacturer: Gen-Shi Labs.
Pack: 30 Tabs. 5 mg

Active Life: 6-8 hours
Average Dose: Men 20-40 mg/day
Water Retention: No
Liver Toxic: Yes, very high
Aromatization: Debatable

Gen-Shi Labs Halotestin is a product which is born in 2012 by Gen - Shi. This product is an anabolic steroid recently known by bodybuilders. Users say that they have good reasons during bulk and diet times. Especially Gen - Shi Labs. say that this product is so popular and they guarantee this product and it's effects.

Halotestin is a very androgenic and well liver toxic. Due to giving build up strength rather than in muscle gain, Fluoxymesterone is preferred by powerlifters and weightlifters. Generally athletes  want a strength gain without adding body weight. It is also preferred by the bodybuilders during preparation for a competition. Using this steroid, the diameter does not increase while muscles appears more grandiose.

For responding to erythropoiesis which is the process of increased production of red blood cells, Halotestin animates the cells. This drug helps reserve your blood pressure which prevents hypertension. Halotestin, rarely aromatizes which slacks up the symptom of estrogenic effects.

When Fluoxymesterone is used regularly with a low carb diet, at the end of cutting cycle most of athletes gain more strength, muscles and  and aggression.

The reason of muscle hardness of this supplement is that it is powerful androgenic, has no water accumulation and no estrogenic activity.

Nausea, vomiting, increased/decreased sexual interest, headache, skin color changes, oily skin, hair loss, and acne, trouble sleeping, mood changes (such as anxiety, increased anger, depression), trouble urinating, breast swelling/tenderness, prolonged erections, deepening of the voice, hoarseness, unusual facial/body hair growth, enlarged clitoris, irregular menstrual periods,  rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing.    

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