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About Deca and Boldenone

If you use nandrolone decanoate you also need to use boldenone. Otherwise you can have some side effects like low libido, etc..
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It is a relatively recent discovered derived growth factor and IGF-1 is produced in injured tissues after the release of IGF-1. Play a role in the growth of myoblastos. This growth factor, is only released in large quantities when you have a training which gives emphasis and importance to the negative part of the exercise, otherwise, his release is not as marked.

Mechano growth factor (FGM), insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), Linking Growth Factor Insulin-like proteins (IGFBP) for control of muscle growth. Physiologists found that negative or eccentric contractions produced a greater increase in IGF-1 and mechano-growth factor (FGM).
The muscle is highly sensitive to load (no load) and changes in function. So one of the main factors is the muscle-growth factor Mecano. The benefits of improved alignment load myotubes regeneration in a faster and more complete regeneration and minimizing myotubes atrophy around. The cartilage and other tissues is also mechanosensitive (chondrocytes). Finally the bone, osteocytes respond to loads.
The tendon, a dynamic tissue, one of the largest responses is the upregulation of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) useful for matrix remodeling and cell proliferation. Also other growth factors and cytokines Involved In This Process. The muscle is highly sensitive to load (no load) and changes in the function. So one factor is the major muscle mechano-growth factor. The benefits of improved load alignment of myotubes in regeneration, a more rapid and complete regeneration and Minimizing the wasting of myotubes around. The cartilage and other tissues mechanosensitive también (chondrocytes). Finally the bone, osteocytes respond to charges.

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