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Primobolan Depot ( RIMABOLAN )

Primobolan Depot ( RIMABOLAN )
Brand: Bayer
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Manufacturer: Bayer Schering Turkey
Substance: Methenolone Enanthate
Pack: 1 ml amp (100 mg/ml)

Primobolan (also known as  Methenolone Enanthate) is an injectable steroid.And now new name of it is Rimobolan This populer steroid 
contains Methelone Enanthate. This drug is manifactured by a pharmaceutical company named, 
  Geneza Pharmaceuticals.
Steroid methenolone is a very populer kind of injectable steroid and bodybuilders buy Primobolan 
because it has a weaker effec than Deca Durabolin, whisch is also an anabolic steroid that has 
predominant effects. The reason behind the substance being ‘enanthate ester’ added to this steroid is, 
it makes the steroid release slowly from the injection site. Thought most bodybuilders want a faster 
effect, this addition makes for a longer life. The reason that Primobolan is so popular among 
bodybuilders is that it seems to show some good effect even if one is on a low calorie diet(like pre 
contest diets). Also this steroid relatively has the least side effects because this drug is very close to 
being a non-toxic drug. Primobolan is has a very low amount of estrogen ant it does not 
aromatese(convert to estrogen). This is the reason that esrtogen related side-effects are not problem 
for someone who uses this drug. Promobolan is also a populer drug among aids patiens because it 
has some really strong and positive effects on immune system. It is a genuine strenghtening drug for 
whole body.
The bodybuilders that wants to avoid estrogen related side-effects generally prefer and buy 
Primobolan. Because it shows real effect and gives results even in a low calorie diets, the drug helps 
to protect and to grow the muscles. Also it is a good choice for protection agains muscle tissues.
Because of Primobolan is a steroid that doens’nt aromateses, exessive subcutaneous fluids are also is 
a non concern fort he user. It can safely be added to the different kind of cycles without fearing any 
estrogen related side-effects. 
Unless opting out and using large amounts of the Primobolan, androgenic related side-effects are 
realy not an issue. As we say, using a large amount in a very short period can effect badly those have 
sensitive bodies. Overall, this particular drug is known to be the one of the safest steroids on the 
The starting dose should be low and should increase slowly as allways. 400 mg of dose generally is 
enough fort he week. If this amound is exceeded, the user can expect some side-effects. Like in most 
steroids as one raises the dose, he/she can expecr androgenic side effects.
Because of primobolan is a relatively less strong steroid, it is generalley used with other steroids for 
more a pleasing result. It may be useful when Primobolan is stacked with a non-aromatisin androgen. 
This wil help retention of water to decrease during the cycle. Some of the bodybuilders add 
Primobolan to their testosteron cycles. They to this because if one wants to add another compaund to 
their usual cycle without ant additional side-effect, Proviron is the drug to use.
Primobolan is an injectable drug. It generally comes in a 200 ml vials. Each vial contains 10 ml of 
Methenolone Enanthate.

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